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Kinect: Milo and what could be...

Avoiding any mean-spirited Charlie Brooker type-comments, that is a pretty fantastic looking game. I haven't been so impressed by a new style of game since I first saw Shenmue demoed in 1999. This said, there's virtually no thought for alternative access I'm guessing, but so much food for thought. Just imagine if you could use the Kinect as an additional accessible controller, alongside your alternative controller of choice. So many possibilities...

Via: TED Talks

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Eye Mario

Waterloo Lab's Eye Mario system allows a person to play any NES video game using eye movements alone. The video above gives a basic overview of how this system works. For a more detailed break-down of how it works, they've also provided an overview document for your eye-balls.

Link via: Thomas Westin on the IGDA GASIG mailing list.


Nathan Fouts says...

Image of American actor, Wilford Brimley, a gruff looking man in his late 50's stating 'Offer Game Accessibility Options. It's the right thing to do.' whilst pointing.Nathan Fouts, author of Shoot 1UP, has blogged a list of excellent Accessibility Option Ideas. As the author of the game with the most accessibility features ever seen in a games console game, he's worth taking seriously. Really looking forward to his next game now, Grapple Buggy.

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"Are Wii Being Ignored?"

Image of a man in a wheelchair, gesticulating to a woman as to an inaccessible stair-case in a mock-up video game.BBC Ouch! technology correspondant, Adrian Higgin-botham, has written a harsh but fair appraisal of the state of accessible gaming. In short, AAA 21st century video games don't have much in the way of accessibility features. And those rare games that are highly accessible, tend not to have the budget, depth or production values of AAA titles. Come on the mainstream, you are slacking!

Image via: David G on the Ouch! Forums

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