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Martin Tall on Gaze Interaction

Eye Tracker in action. Martin Tall has a very informative blog on Gaze Interaction with the use of eye-trackers. There's some very useful posts on games as well as an excellent "inspiration" tag including details of how multi-step zooming methods massively increase accuracy.


Eye Gaze in Practice Study Day - London

Image of a computer mock up of an eye being tracked with a Space Invader reflected in the eye.Eye Gaze in Practice Study Day - 19 March 2009, Bloomsbury, London: Following Communication Matters’ successful Eye Gaze study day in 2008, this day has been designed for people who want to explore in greater depth some of the issues around provision, as well as for those wanting an overview of eye gaze interaction.

The study day will include a presentation on the developmental aspects of eye gaze, a chance to try the latest developments from suppliers, presentations by suppliers of eye gaze technology, and an opportunity to hear about and share experiences in the use of eye gaze for interaction. There will also be an exhibition of eye gaze devices.

Download booking form and more information about the Eye Gaze in Practice study day here. For more information about other Communication Matters study days, please visit www.communicationmatters.org.uk/studydays.

Via: Alicia Howell


Global Assisitve Technology Wiki

Through Wonka Gates - into Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. AbilityNet have put together a wonderful open project called the Global Assisitve Technology Wiki or GATE for short. In their words:

"GATE is actually a Wiki, which is a piece of server software that allows users to freely create and edit Web page content using any Web browser. It's a little like Wikipedia, but just concentrating on assistive technology. GATE is very simple to use, with a control panel enabling you to add content and more. More about Wikis . . .

This wiki has been created by AbilityNet, the UK's largest provider of advice and information on all aspects of Access to technology. The purpose of the wiki is to provide live and up to date information on all aspects of Assistive Technology."

A really good place to start is their Switch Systems entry here. They are lacking their own accessible games section so hopefully someone (maybe me) will take up the gauntlet for that soon.

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Mystic Mine - Multiplayer One Switch Game

Mystic Mine - multi-player one-switch game from Koonsolo. Just released this February - Mystic Mine is now available to buy on-line at Koonsolo for $19.95 (use www.xe.com for a currency conversion). It's massive fun as a multi-player game and highly recommended by OneSwitch.org.uk. If I had an all time top 10 list of one-switch games this would be a strong contender to make the list. Free demo version available here. Sweet.

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Subtitles: Increasing Game Accessibility

Image of a road-sign for route 888 - linking tenously to the BBC's original subtitling service accessed via paging 888 on their teletext service on analogue TVs. Gamasutra have published an excellent article that presses home the benefits of including full subtitles (aka Closed Captions in the USA) in video games. Read on here.

Link via: Reid Kimball. More on the meaning of 888 here.

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Sip/Puff Mobile Phone Games?

Image of a girl sipping through a crazy straw - Joe Powell 2005. "Pantech is one of three giant mobile phone manufacturers in Korea, among them Samsung and LG. Pantech sold over 10 million phones internationally in 2008, and under the "Sky" brand in the local market. Now, it's about to launch a blow-controlled mobile phone, the IM-S410K, which is also known as the Sky Wind.".

Looks like it's got potential for some fun accessible games using sip/puff control.

Link Via: Thomas Westin at IGDA GASIG Mailing List.

Game Forward Interview: OneSwitch.org.uk

OneSwitch.org.ukNathalie Caron of the splendid "Game Forward" has posted an article about OneSwitch.org.uk after interviewing me earlier this year. She's edited it down nicely to make it seem like I don't witter on too much. Appreciated!


Stevie Wonder calls for accessible technology

Stevie Wonder - calls for accessible technology.Stevie Wonder is calling for greater access in technology: "[technology] being more accessible is always a plus and I think really, for various companies ... making it exciting and accessible for people who can see, it would take very little to make it accessible to everyone. So I encourage all the manufacturers to do that."

"When you can ... make it accessible and make it possible, you should just include that in the overall picture. ".

Link via: Mike Taylor of Excitim.



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