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Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe

Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe - Top view.
PS2-SID rear view.The Playstation 2 Switch Interface Deluxe (PS2-SID for short) is finally available to buy. It can be set-up in a huge number of ways to best suit each gamer with external accessibility switches and sensors. It's also a lot of fun to use in a team setting, where gamers share controls. Click on the pictures above to find out more.


Game Over - Universally Inaccessible Game

Game Over! Because No One Can Save The Universe - image of an alien in a flying saucer.
Game Over! Because No One Can Save The Universe!
"Game Over!" is the world's first (and hopefully only) universally inaccessible game. This practically means that it is a game that can be played by no one. But why was such a game created? Well, the goal of Game Over! is to be used as an educational tool for disseminating, understanding and consolidating game accessibility guidelines.

There are 20 guidelines included, of which it would be wonderful to see mainstream developers take heed of. Even if it was only for them to include fully reconfigurable controls and wide difficulty options - that would at least be a start! There is an anti-dote to "Game Over!" you'll be happy to know, in: "Terrestial Invaders".

Game Over has recently won the People's Choice award at "Play Arcadia," within FuturePlay, Toronto.


Retro Remakes Niced Up

Barriers in GamesRetro Remakes has undergone a very nice make over, and supportive as ever, have posted up an abridged version of my "Barriers in Games" article.

If you didn't know, Retro Remakes have been long term backers of the accessibility in games cause. They've seen some of the finest accessible games come into being via two of their recent programming competitions. They've given forum space for game developers in the "Accessibility Angle". They've now added an Accessibility section to their Blog.

There's much more to Retro Remakes than just this, but thank you!!! It's a big deal, and it's appreciated.


Blind Gamer Shreds Guitar Hero

A short YouTube video of a prototype Guitar Hero controller for blind gamers. The gamer wears a glove for fret work. Small transponders tap the guitarists fingers, prompting them as to which buttons to press. Inspirational work from Eelke Folmer and his team.

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Games as Therapy

Able Gamers interview Ben Heck

There's a good interview of Ben Heck, inventor of the soon to be manufactured "Access Controller" for Xbox 360, PS2 and PS3, over at Able Gamers.

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