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No Limit Pad

No Limit Pad Pad Fynder Interactive from Italy are about to enter the field of accessible gaming controllers with their unique No Limit Pad for PS3 and PC.

First impressions deceive with this controller. In their video you see that it's quite possible to play in a comfortable looking way thanks to a hand strap. With a claimed 11 different control configurations, motion control compatibility and a price of 95 Euros (use www.xe.com for a currency conversion) this is looking like a really good option.

See more one handed controllers at the Accessible Gaming Shop's one-handed controllers section.


Video Game Accessibility: The 1970's

Image of Nutting Associate's 1971 Computer Space game in 1P and 2P iterations. AbleGamers have uploaded my first article for them: A Brief History of Video Game Accessibility: The 1970's. Starting with 1971's Computer Space this article is a trek through the very origins of game accessibility. "Can you dig it?".

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Muscle Marble Madness

Muscle Sensor - VR Meets Physical Therapy - Image of a disabled man playing Marble Madness using muscle sensors. This photo shows an adapted SEGA Megadrive/Genesis controller rigged up to be played with muscle sensors for rehabilitation (and fun) in the mid 1990's. Marble Madness is a brilliant old Atari game originally designed to be played with a track-ball alone. Playing using muscle twitches must have been a tough way to play but better than no way to play.

You can learn about the latest developments in game rehabilitation by visiting the Games for Health web-site. Their yearly conference is due soon in the USA for June the 11th and 12th with a Games Accessibility Day set for the 10th.

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