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Gamma IV at GameBase

Image of the wonderful Dracula Cha-Cha riding a moped, saying 'Let's RIIIIIDE WEEEEE!'For those of you interested in one-switch / one-button games, please take a ride over to the SpecialEffect GameBase Gamma IV forum post (you may now breathe).

Out of the 154 games entered I've managed to track down less than half. Wonder if we'll ever see them all. I've played about 50 of these and have made mention of my initial thoughts. No surprises: Some are great, some are not.

For your convenience I've listed the ones I think are best at the top. And my personal favourites so far (from the ones publicly available) are: Dracula Cha-Cha, Half-PI'D Mini-Golf; High High Rockets; Pax Britannica and Wheelchair Curling. Expect to see some reviews here and over at the GameBase switch area soon.

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VisionPlay Trailer

"Stemming from years of military-based research by Accelerond, VisionPlay is a revolutionary new video game technology that allows any low-resolution, off-the-shelf webcam and low-end PC to do full-body positioning and motion analysis."

Link via: Videojuegos Accesibles

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