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New One Handed Controller - Your Thoughts Appreciated

Image of a prototype one-handed video game controller. (c) LEPMIS and Geoff Harbach.There is quite a shortage of one-handed controllers available today for non-Wii games consoles. You may be one of many people who tried and failed to get hold of the elusive "DragonPlus RPG DuoCon2" controller. OneSwitch and Broadened Horizons can supply people with some one handed controllers, but these still don't suit all.

Help may be at hand. Geoff Harbach of LEPMIS is working on a new design of one-handed controller that will come in left and right handed style (see prototype photo above).

To help him design the best controller he cans - he needs to hear from the people that count. Those that would potentially use one...

Do you think the idea of the two joysticks, top and bottom is a good idea? You would control one with your thumb, and one on your leg / gripping surface (see the black and white image above).

Would you want "ALL" of the buttons of a conventional JoyPad controller?

If it is not possible to fit all the buttons into the hand-held controller - what switches or functions do you feel would be the most important to have easy access to?

Would you actually just prefer the "DragonPlus DuoCon2 RPG" style over the grip-stick prototype?

Please contact Geoff with any thoughts you have here: Geoff@LEPMIS.co.uk. It would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. # Blogger Daniel

    I like the idea. Actually I'm looking for a one hand controller because I am a game programmer and I started working on a new type of game. The joystick I'm looking for doesn't need all those buttons. I would be happy with 1 stick and 3 buttons...
    But I like this design. It looks cool.  

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