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Cheese Swingers - new one switch game

Cheese Swingers one switch game.
"Cheese Swingers from Blackrat Studios is a one switch game in which the player controls a rat as he swings a piece of cheese around on a string and knocks bees out the air as they try to steal pots of nectar. Weird, but fun. Also included in the zip file is a source template (.gmk) showing how to set up your own one switch game along with a list of websites with various articles on accessibility gaming to help you out."

Reminiscent of an ancient Cinematronics game called Rip Off, this is a lot of fun - and brilliant to see the support for accessible gaming all there from the go.


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  1. # Blogger Kenny O

    Cool site... alittle different from what I write but I enjoyed!
    check out mine if u want just did up the NHL AWARDS and the NFL PICKS..thanks


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