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eDimensional Access Controller - On Sale

Image of eDimensional's Wireless Access Controller for one handed play of PS2, PS3 and PC "First announced back in October of last year, the Access Game Controller designed by technical wizard Ben Heckendorn for disabled gamers is finally ready for sale via eDimensional's website. The device, listed for use with the PlayStation 2, PS3, and PC, allows one-handed gamers modify the controller as they see fit via a series of circular modules containing face buttons, shoulder buttons, analog sticks and a d-pad.

The controller can be preordered right now for £70.85 delivered (about $140), with a shipping target of 8-10 weeks. A portion of all proceeds goes towards Children’s Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers."

Great work! More on one handed controllers at the Accessible Gaming Shop.

Via: Kotaku

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